Life Line Chaplaincy

Why Chaplaincy?
First responders (police, firefighters and EMTs) constantly face extreme levels of personal danger. Our first responders frequently deal with desperate, traumatic, and emotionally exhausting scenarios. They encounter the worst societal evils known to humanity on a daily basis. Therefore, it is not surprising that statistics show our first responders are at the highest levels of risk for:
• Suicide
• Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Substance Abuse
• Divorce
While mental health care professionals can help first responders on an emotional and mental level, there is growing awareness of the need for chaplains in providing “spiritual first aid.” The safety and well-being of our communities is directly linked to the mental and spiritual well-being of our first responders. Life Line Chaplaincy exists to offer spiritual support for our brave first responders and their families as they face these crises.

Our vision is to offer spiritual aid for first responders and their families in SW Fairfield County, CT, and SE Westchester County, NY, by helping them cope with the crises they face, resulting in a positive impact on their lives and their communities.

To be available to help first responders deal with traumatic events and scenarios, such as:
• Sandy Hook/Newtown and similar events
• Terrorist attacks
• Loss of life (particularly involving children) from fire, accidents, and violence
• Death of immediate family members
• Serious Illness
• Traumatic investigations involving child porn, child abuse or neglect, sexual trafficking, homicides, and suicides
• Serious work-related injury
• Suicide of a family member
• Coping with PTSD, through one-on-one listening and providing counselors for formal and informal gatherings
To cultivate relationships with first responders so that they feel comfortable calling when there is a need by:
• Going on “ride alongs” with officers
• Meeting informally over breakfast or lunch
• Keeping regular hours at HQ
To strengthen marriages and families by:
• Providing online marriage resources for first responders and spouses
• Distributing free literature designed to help spouses understand each other
• Scheduling free marriage and family seminars for first responders
• Offering free basic marriage and family counseling
To provide “Ministry of Presence” by being onsite with first responders when they encounter a crisis scenario.
To cultivate an atmosphere of respect and appreciation in our communities for our first responders.

Unique Value
Independent — We receive no funding from and have no formal links to local, state, or federal agencies. First responders need not fear that their personal and critical situations may somehow make it back to their employers.
Faith Oriented — We are available to address the spiritual needs of those who acknowledge a spiritual need and request assistance.
Unrestricted Access — We are available to people of all faiths or of no faith.
Extensive and Need-specific Training — Primarily through the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation, the source of crisis interventions models used in U.S. armed forces, U.S. law enforcement agencies, and first responder agencies throughout the U.S.

Life Line Chaplaincy, a not-for-profit corporation, is governed by a board of directors that reflects the highest standards of excellence in pastoral ministry, chaplaincy, not-for-profit management, financial management, and business. For a complete list of directors, email:

Life Line Chaplaincy is a not-for-profit corporation registered with the State of Connecticut and is funded through the generous contributions of corporate donors and sponsors, as well as by tax-deductible contributions by individual donors and sponsors. To contribute to this vital service for our first responders, visit “Funding” on our Website:

PO Box 3013, Stamford, CT 06905
For more information, contact:
Rev. John Revell, M. Div.
Chaplain, Stamford Police Department, Stamford, CT
Chaplain, Westport Police Department, Westport, CT
President, Life Line Chaplaincy
(203) 517-4762